Pull requests

# Title Repository URL Creation date Status
1 Add style in script and delete tag style outside script Hexlet/hexlet-correction https://github.com/Hexlet/hexlet-correction/pull/144 18.04.2023 Merged
2 Add the ability to change workSpaceUrl and api token. Hexlet/hexlet-correction https://github.com/Hexlet/hexlet-correction/pull/149 28.04.2023 Merged
3 Add widget demo Hexlet/hexlet-correction https://github.com/Hexlet/hexlet-correction/pull/143 12.04.2023 Merged
4 Moved the code from the script tag to the index.js file Hexlet/hexlet-correction https://github.com/Hexlet/hexlet-correction/pull/148 26.04.2023 Merged