Pull requests

# Title Repository URL Creation date Status
1 Add Coin32 and NPO Farvater tasks Hexlet/ru-test-assignments https://github.com/Hexlet/ru-test-assignments/pull/151 08.09.2022 Merged
2 add text-wrap for solution. Issue#679 Hexlet/hexlet-sicp https://github.com/Hexlet/hexlet-sicp/pull/1403 10.11.2022 Merged
3 Issue[#52][#50] Change logo & delete burger menu hexlet-rus/runit https://github.com/Hexlet/runit/pull/64 15.11.2022 Merged
4 Issue[#52][#50] Delete burger menu and change logo hexlet-rus/runit https://github.com/Hexlet/runit/pull/57 13.11.2022 Closed
5 Issue[#66]fix footer & add footer in landing page hexlet-rus/runit https://github.com/hexlet-rus/runit/pull/88 22.11.2022 Merged
6 Rewrite project to TS Hexlet/react-flowbot-ui-kit https://github.com/Hexlet/react-flowbot-ui-kit/pull/19 25.09.2022 Merged