# Title Repository URL Creation date Status
1 Add a checklist in the personal office of the student Hexlet/hexlet-cv 22.07.2022 Closed
2 Add a link to CodeBattle Hexlet/hexlet-cv 19.09.2022 Open
3 Add all snippets in 'repls' page Hexlet/hexlet-editor 22.09.2022 Closed
4 Add a page with a list of all users Hexlet/hexlet-correction 23.08.2022 Closed
5 Add a resume search filter by stack Hexlet/hexlet-cv 27.10.2022 Closed
6 Add a user page Hexlet/hexlet-correction 23.08.2022 Closed
7 Add burger menu Hexlet/hexlet-editor 22.09.2022 Closed
8 Add confirmation when removing a snippet hexlet-rus/runit 17.11.2022 Closed
9 Add different roles with rights Hexlet/hexlet-correction 23.08.2022 Open
10 Add field Hexlet/hexlet-cv 27.10.2022 Closed
11 Add filters by category in issues Hexlet/hexlet-friends 16.12.2022 Open
12 Add footer hexlet-rus/runit 07.11.2022 Closed
13 Add frontend in widget Hexlet/hexlet-correction 25.11.2022 Closed
14 Add "Hello, World!" exercises to the new languages hexlet-basics/hexlet-basics 22.08.2022 Open
15 Add landing on project Hexlet/hexlet-friends 16.12.2022 Open
16 Add new schools Hexlet/hexlet-comparator 01.11.2022 Open
17 Add notice in tg and slack Hexlet/hexlet-cv 01.11.2022 Closed
18 Add page and fix ui Hexlet/hexlet-editor 23.09.2022 Closed
19 Adds a link to the site Hexlet/hexlet-correction 23.08.2022 Closed
20 Add separation into PR and issues on the main page Hexlet/hexlet-friends 02.02.2023 Open
21 Add template for issues Hexlet/hexlet-comparator 31.01.2023 Closed
22 Add the ability to see activity on your group of projects. For example, on Hexlet projects Hexlet/hexlet-friends 26.07.2022 Closed
23 Add the property locale to all entities and if the user is ru, he will have everything in russian. Hexlet/hexlet-cv 17.10.2022 Closed
24 Add to the admin panel the ability to exclude users from the sample Hexlet/hexlet-friends 26.07.2022 Closed
25 Add translations of texts and other things. Hexlet/hexlet-cv 17.10.2022 Open