Pull requests

# Title Repository URL Creation date Status
1 Add a function to delete snippets hexlet-rus/runit https://github.com/Hexlet/runit/issues/25 02.11.2022 Closed
2 Add a markdown editor similar to GitHub Hexlet/hexlet-cv https://github.com/Hexlet/hexlet-cv/issues/370 06.10.2022 Closed
3 Add FaQ on landing and about page hexlet-rus/runit https://github.com/hexlet-rus/runit/issues/87 22.11.2022 Closed
4 Add hot-reload hexlet-rus/runit https://github.com/Hexlet/runit/issues/1 18.10.2022 Open
5 Add info about project Hexlet/hexlet-editor https://github.com/Hexlet/hexlet-editor/issues/91 29.08.2022 Closed
6 add Privacy Policy button on page Hexlet/hexletguides.github.io https://github.com/Hexlet/hexletguides.github.io/issues/426 23.08.2022 Closed
7 Add template for issues Hexlet/hexlet-cv https://github.com/Hexlet/hexlet-cv/issues/447 31.01.2023 Closed
8 Add the ability to rename a snippet hexlet-rus/runit https://github.com/Hexlet/runit/issues/47 10.11.2022 Closed
9 Add the ability to save your result Hexlet/hexlet-editor https://github.com/Hexlet/hexlet-editor/issues/77 23.08.2022 Open
10 Add the "make build" command to the readme hexlet-rus/runit https://github.com/Hexlet/runit/issues/68 17.11.2022 Closed
11 Add translations to the editor hexlet-rus/runit https://github.com/Hexlet/runit/issues/29 02.11.2022 Closed
12 changed all pictures in schools to high quality Hexlet/hexlet-comparator https://github.com/Hexlet/hexlet-comparator/pull/95 26.07.2022 Merged
13 Change the 200 character limit to 400 characters Hexlet/hexlet-cv https://github.com/Hexlet/hexlet-cv/issues/356 18.08.2022 Closed
14 Change the line Hexlet/hexlet-editor https://github.com/Hexlet/hexlet-editor/issues/79 23.08.2022 Closed
15 Change the logo in the header hexlet-rus/runit https://github.com/Hexlet/runit/issues/52 10.11.2022 Closed
16 Change the Name field to Login when registering. It must be unique. hexlet-rus/runit https://github.com/Hexlet/runit/issues/23 02.11.2022 Closed
17 Check translations in the project hexlet-rus/runit https://github.com/Hexlet/runit/issues/46 10.11.2022 Closed
18 Correct a grammatical error Hexlet/hexlet-cv https://github.com/Hexlet/hexlet-cv/issues/428 11.01.2023 Closed
19 Delete "burger" menu in about, sign in, sign up pages hexlet-rus/runit https://github.com/Hexlet/runit/issues/50 10.11.2022 Closed
20 Delete footer on about page hexlet-rus/runit https://github.com/Hexlet/runit/issues/61 15.11.2022 Closed
21 Edit dropdown on card hexlet-rus/runit https://github.com/hexlet-rus/runit/issues/89 23.11.2022 Closed
22 Edit footer hexlet-rus/runit https://github.com/hexlet-rus/runit/issues/95 29.11.2022 Closed
23 Fix Buttons on main page Hexlet/hexlet-friends https://github.com/Hexlet/hexlet-friends/issues/250 07.02.2023 Closed
24 Fix the layout Hexlet/hexlet-cv https://github.com/Hexlet/hexlet-cv/issues/434 13.01.2023 Closed
25 Hide button Hexlet/hexlet-editor https://github.com/Hexlet/hexlet-editor/issues/78 23.08.2022 Closed